About Us

Partners, Ed and Hayley trained with Errol Lynch at the Touch Tuina Treatment Centre in York. But, living more rurally, in 2018 they formed Tuina Health Medical Massage and have 2 Clinics, one in Easingwold and one in Fawdington.

Having both been Tuina patients, we know the power of change the treatment gives. We both know through our own journeys, we wished to study to be able to help others. Moving forward to the present time, we have 10 years of professional experience between us.

Meet the Team

Ed Cox
I have suffered with Ulcerative Colitis from childhood. In 2002, I had surgery to remove most of my small and large intestines. For 18 months I had a colostomy bag, until I was able to have a reversal and an internal pouch formed. Before starting Tuina, the nerve supply to my right leg became impinged, I could not weight bear on it. I was on crutches for 18 month.
I received Tuina treatment once a week, then later twice weekly for 3 months, until I was walking normally again, (amazing)! I was totally grateful to Tuina. I realised, not only was I walking again, but that my internal constitution had improved to such a degree that I felt I wanted to study Tuina. Ive now been practising Tuina for 8 years. Tuina has transformed me and given me a chance at life again.

Hayley Gee
I started taking Tuina treatment over ten years ago after a recommendation from a friend. It has helped me with a wide range of issues ranging from postural aches and pains to stress related conditions. In 2015, I suffered an accident and the prognosis for my recovery was pretty grim. With a few months of regular weekly treatments, I was well on my way to recovery..
I was so thankful and fascinated that I decided to train in Tuina. I know, first hand, the benefits of this amazing treatment and wanted to be able to help others. In 2017, I became a qualified Tuina Practitioner and Ive never looked back! I also qualified as Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor and hold a Diploma in Sports and Exercise Nutrition.

Outside of Tuina, we enjoy a wide range of outdoor and sporting pursuits. We also love music and film. In our downtime, we enjoy nothing more than spending time at home with our pets.